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Burrow reptile hide - 10 colors & 3 Sizes
  • Burrow reptile hide - 10 colors & 3 Sizes

    This is a custom, hand carved reptile hide featuring a burrow leading to a nesting chamber.
    The chamber and tunnel are easily accessible from the bottom.


    Its Medium size makes a realistic, functional and impressive showpiece to any enclosure or terrarium.
    We designed this to replicate the organic feel of real reptile burrows in the wild.
    With open entry ways and curving tunnels to provide your reptile with a hidden, secure and comfortable place to hide.

    One burrow entry is located on the top and is available in 10 colors.
    It is finished with a durable and mildly abrasive surface to aid with shedding, to provide better grip when climbing....and for a more natural look and feel.

    Each piece is slightly different since these are hand made and not from a mold...but are close to the design pictured.


    All orders are custom made by hand and take roughly 3 weeks to complete and ship!

    Do NOT use as a basking spot.

    Product is made from foam with a rock-like surface and is a lightweight option compared to actual rocks.


    All hides are blank and are finished to order and ship Priority mail USPS within  2-3 weeks.


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